Lao Shr Terry Price, Martial Arts Instructor

Lao Shr Terry Price

Lao Shr (Master Teacher) Terry Price began his Martial journey in 1974 starting with Chinese Kempo and earned the rank of 2nd degree Black Belt under Shihan Donald J. Bittner.  His teaching experience began with teaching the introductory classes for Shihan Bittner.

On the advice of Shihan Bittner, Lao Shr Price began researching the Chinese arts of Taijiquan, Baguazhuang and Xingyiquan.  In 1987, Lao Shr Price began training in the Chen Pan Ling style of Taijiquan with Coach David Lu.  After learning the entire form, Lao Shr was given permission to teach the form to anyone who wanted to learn.

In 1989, Lao Shr Price began training in the Yang Family based Chung Man Ching 37 posture form and Push Hands with the Tidewater Tai Chi Center under Master Larry Mann.  Lao Shr spent nearly 10 years with Master Mann.

Lao Shr Price began teaching Tai Chi (Tai Ji) in 1998 at Virginia Martial Arts Center and has been a part of the VMAC family ever since.

It was during this time that Lao Shr met and became a student of Chen Yun Ching, the son of Chen Pan Ling and Master James Sumarac, Chen Yun Ching's top student and Adopted Brother.  In 2009, Lao Shr Price became an Indoor Student (Men Ren) of Grand Master Chen.  In 2011, he was presented with a diploma of Teacher Certification from the Chen Pan Ling International Foundation giving him permission to teach the Chinese Arts of Tai Chi (Taijiquan, Baguazhuang, Xingyiquan, Shaolinquan and Qigong.

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