Virginia Martial Arts Center Reviews

This place is really great! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and clearly very concerned for both the students' safety, and the enjoyment they get from the classes. They push the kids to excel in a way that develops the kids' own internal motivation, so the students only feel how much they want to be there. The facility is clean, orderly and safe, and all the equipment is clearly well-maintained. We really appreciated how welcomed we have felt ever since the first day we showed up. We only needed about 2 days of our free two-week trial before we knew we would be staying and committing for the long-term.

Ted Lemerande

My boys are part of the after school program here and they love it! Would rather be there learning Karate than at home. They provide a sense of community, safety and a second family.

Kathryn Moffitt

My son is 5 and absolutely loves it here! Sensai Donna is absolutely amazing and very patient with the children. It’s a very family oriented place. I had checked out 3 other karate places and fell in love with this one. I highly recommend bringing your children here.

Lindsay Wilson

Sensei Donna and Hanshi Darren, are fantastic with the kids. My daughter has a blast and has learned alot since joining 2 months ago.

Rebecca Phillips

I have recently started taking tai chi here, and absolutely love it. I have previous experience with karate elsewhere, and can tell that the karate taught here is also the real deal. Everyone is extremely welcoming and kind, and the instructors are all very knowledgeable in their art.

Christie Shilling

Excellent with kids and they teach traditional Japanese Karate, amongst other disciplines.

Kenneth Roberts

Our son has been going to this dojo for over 3 years now and we absolutely love it. The facility is great, the staff is awesome, and there is truly a family atmosphere in the dojo. The emphasis on perseverance and respect in addition to the techical aspect of karate has helped our son grow as a person and an athlete. We could not give a higher recommendation. This dojo is truly a place of growth; both physically and mentally.

Tony Koch

My kids have been going since they could do power kids. Always a great experience and awesome staff! I love that they teach my kids to defend themselves and to have discipline!

Crystal Kayse

The code of respect for others, and taking charge of your own destiny through self discipline, is every bit as important as the technique that is taught. Am grateful for the impact this place has had on my family!

Greg Griffin

Virginia Martial Arts is great place for kids to learn Karate. They don't realize it but while learning Karate, they are also learning respect, self-confidence, and discipline. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced. My son has been going here since the 1st grade and is almost a brown belt now and I wouldn't have changed a thing about his past 7 years at VMAC!

Pam Tallman

My son goes here and I love it Mrs. Diana makes the experience overall welcoming and they are very family oriented!!!!

Madinah Cox

Loved this place ever since I came here years ago.

Evan Porter

Outstanding staff and always friendly!! High-quality training and equipment!! Day camps for the kids on holidays are a huge hit!!

David Spitler

Absolutely amazing. 100/10 will always recommend. Best staff and instructors. My kids absolutely love Dai Sempai Zach and Hanshi Myers.

Will Brunner

Very kind people - they are patient with you, make it very easy to learn, and always make you feel good about yourself.


Virginia Martial Arts Center is a great place to learn the martial arts. I've been around this dojo for a little while and have seen a lot of students go through the training required to reach the rank of black belt. When they do, you can be assured that it was not just given to them, they worked very hard to get there. You can also be assured that that person's character is on top with integrity and a forward positive move in a direction for success. Karate is not just punching and kicking, there is so much more learned at Virginia Martial Arts that helps a person through life: like acceptance, tolerance, team work, and helping each other.

Mike McCormick

The staff was very helpful in starting my son off with his classes. Any questions we had they answered right away. The classes are run well and they keep the kids focused. Over all very impressed!

Beth Lemerande

Our son has been attending VMAC for almost 3 years now and absolutely loves it! It's very family-oriented. He has improved in several areas of his overall development to include his physical being, social skills, and behavioral traits.  They take an active interest in each student/family and really care about their well-being!

Danielle Bogan

VMAC is filled with wonderful people who have created a great environment for adults and children alike. Excellent teachers and staff who are welcoming and experts in their arts make this a great place.

Ryan Norman

Great dojo, they not only teach martial arts but teach life lessons and how to be a better person. My boys love it.

Jeremy Long

Amazing! Couldn't ask for a better or safer place to send my child after school. The staff is WONDERFUL! Truly a gem in western branch.

Sara Dreyer

Great place to get a workout, practice techniques, and learn discipline. Overall this is a fun, caring, and passionate place.

Mike Waddell

This is a great school. The training that they get teaches them to protect themselves not only physically, also emotionally and spiritually. They learn from the inside out.

Rosa Perkins

My son has become quite the young man with their help. Much more self confidence.

Rob Mazz

The instructors here are very educated about what they are teaching.

Crystal Robbins

Top quality traditional martial art instruction in a clean and family friendly environment.

Brian Hobson

Great training and a wonderful atmosphere. The students are truly family.

Dawna Ellis

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