Summer Camp

Summer Karate Fitness Camp

We’re excited to offer our Summer Karate Fitness Camp. Virginia Martial Arts Center will host our annual Summer-long Karate & Fitness Camp. This high-energy program will keep your child active all summer and prepare them for a successful upcoming school year.

General Information

Our Summer Karate & Fitness Camp is available June 15th through August 21st.

Drop off is between 7:00 am and 9:00 am. Pick up is between 5:00 and 6:15pm. Be sure to bring your lunch, a morning and afternoon snack. We have snacks and drinks for sale.

You can register for the summer or choose a week or two that interests you. The weekly themes are as follows:

Week 1, June 15th – 19th Common Sense Self-Defense
Week 2, June 22nd –26th Competition
Week 3, June 29th – July 3rd Samurai Warriors
Week 4, July 6th – 10th Wacky Weapons
Week 5, July 13th – 17th No Camp – National Championships
Week 6, July 20th – 24th Fun and Fitness
Week 7, July 27th – July 31st Be a Buddy, Not a Bully
Week 8, August 3rd – 7th Fear Factor
Week 9, August 10th – 14th Martial Arts Discoveries
Week 10, August 17th – 21st Ninja

Special programs will be presented on various topics important for child safety and development. These specialized classes will include: • Drug Prevention • Stranger Awareness • Gang Avoidance • Positive Goal Setting • Good Citizenship • Peer Pressure Management

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Swimming • Bowling • Parks • Zoo • Skating • Karate • Pizza Parties Fun & Fitness • Movies • Much More!


Keeping your child safe and active is very important for your child’s development. We offer high energy classes and activities to keep your child moving and involved with friends over the summer vacation. Teamwork, friendship, cooperation and progress are stressed greatly in our Summer Camp to prepare your child for a successful, upcoming school year.


Confidence and self-esteem are cultivated by earning belt ranks only found in the martial arts.

Your child will not only learn mental and physical self-defense skills, but a “Yes, I can” attitude that carries over into home, school and other activities.


Our students learn Karate and other Martial Arts which emphasize respect for parents, teachers, other students, and themselves.

They learn good sportsmanship, develop manners and how to win and lose gracefully!

It’s a complete character development program!

Special Classes

Drug Prevention • Stranger Awareness • Gang Avoidance • ADHD Management • Positive Goal Setting • Good Citizenship • Bully Prevention

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us or stop by our dojo if you’d like to know more about the Virginia Martial Arts Center’s Summer Karate Fitness Camp